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ActiGraph Initiates Joint Research Endeavor to Explore Nighttime Scratch Metric for Pharmaceutical Advancements


ActiGraph, a leader in wearable digital health technology and digital health sciences for clinical drug development and academic research, has introduced the Digital Endpoint Collaboration to accelerate Outcome Development (DECODE) in Nocturnal Scratch

PENSACOLA, FL, November 20, 2023 – ActiGraph, an industry forerunner in the realm of wearable digital health technology and digital sciences for clinical drug development and academic research, announces the initiation of the Digital Endpoint Collaboration to Accelerate Outcome Development (DECODE) focusing on Nocturnal Scratch. This collaborative venture, which brings together leaders from the pharmaceutical sector and ActiGraph, aims to develop a novel, purpose-built measure to facilitate advancements in treatments for dermatological conditions. Among the initial participants in the DECODE working group are Janssen Research & Development, LLC, part of Johnson & Johnson, and Takeda, with UCB also contributing to the collaboration. ActiGraph is actively seeking further partners to enhance this collaborative effort.

The primary objective of the DECODE working group is to create a validated, scalable solution for assessing scratch behavior, a crucial element impacting the quality of life for individuals with dermatological conditions. The need for such an assessment tool has been strongly articulated by patients and caregivers alike, and has attracted significant attention from drug developers. The establishment of a nocturnal scratch endpoint could mark a new phase in the assessment of scratch behavior in clinical research, offering continuous, real-life measurements with a low-impact digital approach that could shed light on the effectiveness of investigational drugs.

In line with the FDA's draft guidance on “Digital Health Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition in Clinical Investigations,” the development of a suitable solution requires thorough verification and analytical validation. The DECODE working group is charting new territory by bringing together multiple pharmaceutical entities to undertake this research in a collaborative manner.

“Recognizing the crucial role of digital health technologies in the future of clinical research, we understand that collaboration is the most effective strategy,” stated Jeremy Wyatt, CEO of ActiGraph. “Our commitment to this collaborative methodology has been evident in our hardware and software solutions. Now, we are extending this approach to our algorithm development. Collaborating with our partners ensures the creation of meaningful solutions that effectively meet patient needs.”

The DECODE Nocturnal Scratch working group is currently open to additional collaborators. More information can be found on the DECODE Nocturnal Scratch webpage.

About ActiGraph

ActiGraph is at the forefront of the digital transformation in clinical research. Providing comprehensive digital health technology (DHT) solutions, ActiGraph integrates and operationalizes superior hardware, software, and algorithms to produce reliable evidence, accelerating the delivery of appropriate treatments to patients. ActiGraph’s medical-grade wearable technology platform has been instrumental in nearly 250 industry-sponsored clinical trials and thousands of academic research studies, capturing continuous digital measures of activity, sleep, and mobility. With over 22,000 scientific publications featuring its technology, ActiGraph stands as the most experienced and trusted partner in wearable technology within the industry.

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