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Advancements in Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring: A Comprehensive Review by EHR Reviews


Originally published in July 2018, this article, brought to you by EHR Reviews, explores the latest developments in blood sugar testing and the potential end to the daily routine of finger pricking for diabetes management.

Introduction:Originally published in July 2018, this article, brought to you by EHR Reviews, explores the latest developments in blood sugar testing and the potential end to the daily routine of finger pricking for diabetes management.

Breaking Ground in Blood Sugar Monitoring: A Global Challenge

With over 537 million adults worldwide affected by diabetes, the traditional method of daily finger pricking poses challenges. The discomfort and pain associated with this routine often lead to infrequent testing, impacting blood sugar control. However, the last decade has witnessed the emergence of innovative blood sugar monitors, offering alternatives that promise both accuracy and convenience.

FreeStyle Libre and the Rise of Continuous Monitoring

One standout among these innovations is FreeStyle Libre by Abbott Diabetes Care in the U.S., a blood sugar monitor that measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid, eliminating the need for daily finger pricking. This sets the stage for a transformative shift in how individuals manage their diabetes.

Promising Candidates in Blood Glucose Monitoring

EHR Reviews presents a curated list of some of the most exciting candidates in the market and in the pipeline, each aiming to simplify the lives of millions by providing non-invasive methods of glucose monitoring. The potential of these candidates lies in their ability to match the accuracy of traditional test strips.

Exploring Innovative Solutions: A Shortlist of Candidates

  1. D-Base by DiaMonTech:A shoebox-sized blood sugar monitor that employs infrared laser technology to measure glucose levels. EU-approved for clinical trials, with plans to enter the U.S. market.

  2. Eversense by Senseonics:A subcutaneous implant offers continuous monitoring for up to three months.
    FDA-approved and distributed by Roche, with plans for a one-year version in development.

  3. GlucoTrack by GlucoTrack, Inc.:Utilizes ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and thermal waves for blood sugar monitoring.
    Marketed in Europe, with plans for a second-generation wireless ear clip sensor paired with a smartphone.

  4. glucoWISE by Meta Materials:A sensor under development for measuring blood glucose levels by placing it on the skin.
    Acquired by Meta Materials, with U.S. patent granted for non-invasive glucose sensing system.

  5. NovioSense:A Dutch startup developing a blood sugar monitor placed under the lower eyelid.
    Comparable in accuracy to FreeStyle Libre, wireless transmission to a smartphone.

  6. Occuity Indigo:An eye-focused blood glucose meter measuring glucose levels in the eyeball.
    Crowdfunded on Seedrs, still in research and development.

  7. SugarBEAT by Nemaura Medical:A replaceable skin patch attached to a transmitter for non-invasive blood glucose measurement.
    EU-approved, with U.S. FDA Premarket Approval in review.

Conclusion: A New Era in Blood Sugar Monitoring

As technology propels advancements in non-invasive blood sugar monitoring, EHR Reviews envisions a future where the daily challenges of finger pricking become obsolete. These innovative solutions not only promise accuracy but also enhance the overall experience for individuals managing diabetes. Stay informed with EHR Reviews as we track the evolving landscape of blood sugar monitoring technologies.

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